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What Are Essences?

Flower essences are a form of vibrational (energy) medicine. (What is Energy?) They help us change unconstructive mental thought patterns and habits. They help support us emotionally through difficult times and to shift out of destructive emotional states. They support our spiritual growth by keeping us in touch with our true essence, universe energy! Vibrational remedies such as essences first affect our mental-emotional-spiritual levels and secondarily affect our physical level. However, because our minds and emotions affect our physical body so intricately, remedies can work well on any level depending on the situation.

There are hundreds of different flower remedies. Each one has many different applications and indications...

Essences (remedies) are all natural, however, they are allopathic. This means that they follow the conventional western way of treating symptoms: if you have problem A you take substance B to fix it. The most well-known essences are made with flowers although some are made with other plant, animal and mineral substances, colors, water, weather patterns, even seasons. There are hundreds of different flower remedies. Each one has many different applications and indications and the differences can be subtle. For example, an essence client who is anxious because of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) will get a different remedy combination from a client who is anxious because of a stressful workplace.

Essences are most commonly taken as drops under the tongue. They are less commonly used in a mist, cream, added to a bath or drinking water. The 5X strength essence bottles found in health food stores are called mother tinctures or stock bottles. A client can take drops from the mother tincture bottle. The alternative is to add one or more mother tinctures to water and alcohol (as a preservative) in a mixing bottle. Flower essence practitioners usually prepare mixing bottles for their clients. This allows them to create custom, more precise blends for their clients. More drops need to be taken from a mixing bottle, however, it makes it much more convenient than taking drops from six different mother tincture bottles. Mixing bottles also make more economic sense because they stretch out the mother tinctures which makes them last longer.



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