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Consultations are conducted in person or by phone. I begin each consultation by getting to know you and finding out what is going on in your life. We will discuss your strengths and what you find difficult. Together we will decide which aspects of your life or psyche you would like to work on. I will ask questions to clarify the situation and to understand what is going on. Then, we will decide together on a precise focus for this essence treatment period. While holding the energy of the focus and issues in mind, I will create your very own, personalized essence combination. Then, I will explain how to use it and answer any questions you may have. If you have any questions or concerns later on, just give me a call.

I create custom remedy combinations. Although individual essences can be effective, combinations can more closely hone in and address the unique set of things that are going on with an individual.

A Word from Serenity

My goal is to give the most personalized, compassionate, effective service possible. I listen and ask questions to try to get at the root or heart of an issue. My greatest teachers are my clients. Although training is invaluable, it is only the beginning. Training cannot replace what one learns from working with client after client. It is experience, as well as staying in tune, which have taught me to find what is going on beneath the surface. Staying in tune with a client’s needs and their energy are what help me to create a customized essence. The appropriate essence then stimulates their own innate healing potential. What is our Innate Healing Potential?



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