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Massages/Bodywork Testimonials

"I feel like I've been meditating."
~B.J. Asheville, NC

"Serenity was especially kind & was so warm & welcoming. She was very knowledgeable about her treatments and knew when to offer suggestions or advice & when just to let the silence take over. Thank you! I can't wait to come back."                
~F.R. Asheville, NC

"The most amazing massage I've ever had."          
~S.N. Chicago, IL

"There's BS and AS: before Serenity and after Serenity. I can't wait to come back!"
~T.M. Knoxville, TN

"I think this massage was good enough for Obama himself!"
~M.A. Charlotte, NC

"I felt like I had had 8 beers."                
~M.S. Raleigh, NC

"Phenomenal massage! Strong hands, gentle touch."
~C.B. San Diego, CA

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Isagenix Supplements Testimonials

"Hey, I finally started the Isagenix 9-day cleanse, and after only 3 days it's working beautifully. I've only been doing shake days with the capsules and 1/2 cup of the liquid stuff, and already my feet feel better, I have lost some weight! I am getting a lot more done, I am way less bloated and sleeping more soundly at night. I also feel way more energetic mentally and physically. The cleanse products are so energizing that I don't need any caffeine. I'm definitely getting a lot of benefit out of it already. I'm going to order some more products. Thank you VERY much for recommending this stuff!

BTW, I have tried other cleanse systems and never got results this good and this fast. I've done Slimfast before, and this shake mix is way, way better. More satisfying and not as sickly sweet. The Isagenix snack wafers are great too. I take a couple at bedtime so I don't wake up hungry. The chocolate shakes and snacks satisfy my chocoholic nature so I no longer crave candy.

I got some of the new shake packets. Convenient to use at work. I started using the bovine colostrum stuff [Isamune] and seem to have shaken off whatever was tiring me out last week. After a couple of days of treatment, I was tearing around catching up on weeks of housework. I also noticed that using the shakes and Cleanse for Life helps me sleep much more soundly and think more clearly during the day. It's great stuff!"
 ~J.R. Encinitas, CA

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Reiki & Flower Essence Testimonials

Working w/ Serenity
"Serenity has been my guidance and support. Serenity has this angelic presence. You can feel her peaceful and compassionate energy around her. I truly felt connected with her.  Even though I reside in Chicago, IL, and she is in North Carolina, she still continues to be my practitioner offering services."
~C.R., Chicago, IL Back to top

Relationship troubles & Depression
"The ‘potion’ is AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, FANTASTIC, PERFECT!!! I love the way it takes and makes me feel. It is wonderful for helping me feel more joy, contentment and harmony. I could practically feel it working on the first drop. Thanks soooo much!"
~P.C., Ashland, OR Back to top

Confidence & Self-Esteem & Trusting Intuition
"I feel more grounded and more confident. My voice is coming out stronger. I find myself hearing myself speaking and it surprises me that it's my voice! I am also noticing that I am becoming able to establish a voice for me around others, and trusting my intuition." 
~C.R., Chicago, IL Back to top

Seasonal Affective Disorder & Depression
"I always used to find myself cringing & feeling depressed when I saw holiday decorations.  I always had trouble with changing seasons. I'm OK!  Even my mom noticed it and pointed it out. It's the flower essences!"
~C.R., Chicago, IL Back to top

Stress, Anxiety & Transition
"I went to Serenity for a flower essence consultation in the midst of much change and turmoil in my life.  I was feeling very anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed, having trouble processing through my emotions. Back to top

The flower essence Serenity created for me was so helpful and soothing during this period of transition, I was surprised!  From about the third day taking the essence as ordered, I felt my nerves calmed and my mind more at ease.  I was able to begin organizing and understanding my emotions rather than feeling confused and overwhelmed.
The flower essence truly helped me to heal and deal during a time of hardship and change, and the statement we created regarding the intention and use of the essence is still a healing mantra for me!"
~K.A. Eugene, OR Back to top

Working w/ Serenity
"I am especially amazed by Serenity’s ability to perceive what you really need. I did not give her a single clue what was going wrong, however, to my surprise she got right to the point."
~S.A., Dublin, OH Back to top

Inner Journey & Energy
"The essences that Serenity provides, has been an inner journey of my self. I have noticed changes within myself. This is a process as I have noticed only within time. In addition, I have made healthier changes in my diet, in which was suggested by her. As a result, I have noticed an increase in energy."
~C.R., Chicago, IL Back to top

"I am totally amazed by the accuracy of this method of healing. The healing is incredible. Thank you. I feel a new strength."
~S.A., Dublin, OH Back to top

Smoking Cessation   
"Serenity's flower essence blend was the most powerful force in helping me to quit smoking. I never thought I could be a non-smoker. So far, I have been smoke-free for almost 7 months!!!"
~E.R.  Asheville, NC Back to top

"I want to thank you, Ms. Dylan, for helping me to find happiness again.  I was so depressed and some days I reached the bottom … it was scary!  The floral essences you gave me helped me to enjoy life again and accept things as they are."
~S.A.  Dublin, OH Back to top

Working w/ Serenity
"Serenity Dylan is a competent and compassionate healer.  During my flower essence consultation, I was so comfortable and at ease in her presence.  I was able to express my feelings and circumstances honestly because I felt her to be receptive and non-judgmental.  She stayed attuned to my needs and desires as she made the essence, and I could tell she was flowing with a higher healing energy rather than involving her own ego and judgments.  I trusted her ability as a healer and was grateful for her openness and honest desire to see my needs met and my heart healed." 
~K.A.  Eugene, OR Back to top

Working w/ Serenity
"Her presence, attention to detail and 'bedside manner' were superb."
~E.R. Asheville, NC Back to top



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